On Thursday, August 29, 2019 at 10:45:33 AM UTC-5, Matthew Flatt wrote:
> A pulse and keyboard is a good start, but the task requires significant 
> initiative to work with the Conservancy to get guidance and make sure 
> things move along. The process may possibly involve contacting 
> individual contributors (again) and helping them figure out who needs 
> to be contacted at their respective institutions, and then making sure 
> that communication actually happens. It's not rocket science, but it's 
> actual work. 
Understood. If you or someone can get me up to speed — perhaps some
email introductions, a list of contributors, a rough indication of the 
state, I can commit to pushing this cart consistently, say through the end
of the year. Then we can review and go from there. If anyone else would
rather do it, or would prefer it be someone else, that’s obviously fine too.

(To clarify, I didn't mean by “pulse and keyboard” to imply anything 
derisive about the work that needs to be done or the people who 
had been doing it. I just wanted to know if any special domain 
expertise was needed or if a prole like me could do it. I'm pretty familiar
with software licensing issues, but have only been in Racket’s orbit
for the past few years or so.) 

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