> Try not to make identifiers be simple generic terms, like `watch`

I strongly disagree with this statement.
Rackets require possibilities are highly flexible so if you want more 
specific names use prefix-in and prefix the module name or whatever you 
The way racket does imports is one of the things I highly value because you 
can use modules to aggregate identifiers from different modules/packages,
resolve name conflicts by renaming / or not exporting the 2 identifiers 
that clash.
This creates a lot of freedom to create specific sets of functionality 
exported by one simple module.
This way I can create my custom set of things which are most needed in the 
particular codebase.
Instead of having to write 40 lines of requires like you have to in other 
Adding prefixes to imports is easy, having to create a prefix-remove that 
can be used in require to cut away prematurely added prefixes would annoy 

Finding things in the documentation is a whole other technical issue.
If you find the documentation search features lacking for your search 
needs, we should figure out how the search could be improved, instead of 
making the code unnecessary verbose.
You already could use "watch M:<part-of-module-path>" to only find 
identifiers exported by modules that use that module path.

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