Call for Endorsements: ACM SIGPLAN International Conference on Software 
Language Engineering (SLE) - Most Influential Paper Award
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Starting in 2019, the ACM SIGPLAN International Conference on Software 
Language Engineering (SLE) delivers annually an award to the Most 
Influential Paper (MIP) presented at the SLE conference held 10 years prior 
to the award year. The SLE MIP Award distinguishes the authors of the paper 
having the greatest impact (either scientific, societal or industrial). The 
papers are judged by their influence over the past decade. The SLE MIP 
Award is delivered by the current members of the Steering Committee (SC) of 
the conference, considering: i) endorsements from the community, and ii) 
the synthesis of some facts and metrics collected in advance by selected SC 
members. The vote is by majority of the SC members, after a discussion 
during the online meetings. Authors are informed at once, and awarded at 
the coming conference.  

In 2019 we offer two awards: one for the authors of the MIP from the 2009 
program (http://www.sleconf.org/2009/Program.html), and another one for the 
authors of the MIP from the 2008 program 
(http://www.sleconf.org/2008/program.html), back to the first edition of 
the conference.

SLE MIP Award 2019:
- Program SLE 2009: http://www.sleconf.org/2009/Program.html; 
- Endorsement: http://tiny.cc/slemip2019 (deadline: Sep. 20th, 2019)
SLE MIP Award 2018: 
- Program SLE 2008: http://www.sleconf.org/2008/program.html; 
- Endorsement: http://tiny.cc/slemip2018 (deadline: Sep. 20th, 2019)

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