Has something changed with transparency of structs?

I find the following:


#lang racket/base


(module a racket/base

(define inspector (make-inspector))

(define-values (descr constr pred acc mut)

  (make-struct-type 's #f 2 0 #f '() inspector #f '(0)))

(define an-s (constr 'monkey 'lion))

(provide an-s))


(module b racket/base

(define inspector (make-inspector))

(struct s (f g) #:inspector inspector)

(define another-s (s 'monkey 'lion))

(provide another-s))


(require 'a 'b)


(define (print-info s)

(printf "s = ~s~n" s)

(printf "struct? ~s~n" (struct? s))

(define-values (descr skipped?) (struct-info s))

(define-values (name n m ref set immut super skip) (struct-type-info descr))

(printf "ref : ~s~n" (ref s 0)))


(print-info an-s)

(print-info another-s)




s = #(struct:s monkey lion)

struct? #t

ref : monkey

s = #(struct:s monkey lion)

struct? #t

ref : monkey


I expected for example (struct? an-s) to yield #f.

What am I confusing?

Thanks, Jos

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