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> "File > Open Require Path …" ...  "/usr/share/racket/pkgs/games/"
> it is strange ... on one computer (at work) it works, on other (at home)
> it does not want to open that directory (the dialog is a bit too
> minimalistic so I don't know what it thinks :-) ). Maybe it may be because
> I was fiddling around with versions (from Ubuntu Repo, and Racket ppa)

I can think of two possibilities:

   - If you installed a "minimal Racket" distribution, you won't have the
   "games" package pre-installed. You can get it with "raco pkg install games"
   or the "File > Package Manager …" in DrRacket.
   - There are different ways of configuring your Racket installation that
   will end up putting your packages in different places on the filesystem,
   including user-specific vs. installation-wide places and self-contained vs.
   Unix-style installations. "Open Require Path" should find your packages
   wherever they are, but it takes a require path rather than a file system
   path, so it starts with `games` in this case.

You can try this program:
#lang racket
(require games)
If the package is installed, this should work and open the PLT Games
launcher window. In DrRacket (after it has had a moment to do background
expansion), you can also then right-click on `games` and choose the menu
item "Open main.rkt".


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