Hi folks,

I decided to write a computer simulator (16-bit machine as the one
built in nand2tetris course) in Racket.  The computer maps the screen
to a memory space where bits represent the pixel colors (black and

Right now, I am generating the screen image by converting the bits to
a vector of argb pixels and then converting it to bitmap using
argb-pixels->pict and then pict-bitmap.  The screen updates 10 frames
per second but this conversion bits->bitmap is a bottleneck even in
this low rate of update.

How would be a better approach for this process?  I can imagine how an
incremental approach can be faster by only changing the necessary
parts of the image, but my idea of representing the screen as a
quadtree sounds too complex to be the right path.

Wanderley GuimarĂ£es

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