David Bremner <da...@tethera.net> writes:
> (lambda (msg)
>   (add-header-line! "Erroneous submission!")
>   (add-header-line! (format "  --> ~a" msg))
>   (message (string-append
>             "You have an error in your program -- please hit"
>             " \"Run\" and debug your code.\n"
>             "Email the course staff if you think your code is"
>             " fine.\n"
>             "(The submission has been saved but marked as"
>             " erroneous.)")
>            '(ok))
>   (message "Handin saved as erroneous." 'final))
> This cause the desired dialog box to pop up, but after I press OK I get
> a "Server Error" popup "while evaluating #<evaluator-message>: application: 
> not a procedure".
> I don't really understand where the identifier "evaluator-message" is
> defined, it shows up only in the .zo file for handin-server/checker.rkt.

I still don't understand what's going on, but it seems contrary to the
documentation, the return value from the procedure passed as
:user-error-message matters, and apparently it should be a procedure
taking one argument.

If I use the following

          :user-error-message (lambda (msg) (message msg '(ok))
                                      (lambda (thing) (message (format "~a" 
thing) '(ok))))

then I get two popups from the handin client. The first has the error
message, and the second just has #<evaluator-message>.

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