Hello everyone,

I am working on an application that uses React.js[1] for front-end and
Racket as HTTP back-end server.

For production builds, the Javascript part is compiled using "npm build"
which generates a directory full of HTML and Javascript files which are
then included in the Racket application during syntax stage as an
immutable hash. For development builds, the Racket application runs "npm
start" in the front-end source directory and proxies all non-backend
requests to the managed node.js server.

When run in the development setup (that is with the node.js secondary
HTTP server), the proxying using serve/servlet and simple dispatch-case
works like a charm - each servlet uses http-sendrecv to get the data
from the secondary HTTP server and returns it as appropriate response body.

But the reason for this setup is that React.js can automatically reload
the webpage, if any of the source files change. To do this trick, it
uses an url "/sockjs-node". The browser sends GET request for this
resource and the node.js server responds with "HTTP/1.1 101 Switching
Protocols" like in [2].

Apparently, to make this work, I need to establish a bi-directional
connection after the 101 response code. This is impossible with
serve/servlet. I have done some experiments with plain (serve #:dispatch
...) and just cannot make it work all at once. With connection-i-port
and connection-o-port it should be (relatively) easy to implement. But
the documentation is virtually nonexistent and browsing the
web-server/private/ sources is a bit tricky if I do not know what I am
looking for.

If anyone can give me a hint how a proper setup for websocket
implementation should look like, I would really appreciate it. Of
course, I also want to use the dispatch-case with plain requests as it
automates most of the real work I need to perform there.


[1] https://reactjs.org/
[2] https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/WebSocket#Protocol_handshake

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