Thank you:
So I tried this (with basic troubleshooting, e.g., a couple times, with 
troubleshooting: restarted linux, chromebook; etc.) and it's not working:

Checking the integrity of the binary archive... ok.
Unpacking into "/home/----user----/racket-tmp-install" (Ctrl+C to abort)...
./ 513: ./ 
/home/----user----/racket-tmp-install/bin/racket: Exec format error
Error: installation failed
  (Removing installation files in /home/----user----/racket-tmp-install)

I am not sure what that means? The processor is aarch64 -architecture if 
that is relevant. Is that what exec format means?

On Wednesday, 15 January 2020 14:55:37 UTC-5, William Dobias wrote:
> I am taking a course that uses drracket. I am having trouble installing it 
> on my Chromebook (through the penguin linux) does anyone have any 
> suggestions?

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