I am planning to use Racket this semester for a course on introduction to 
programming that I will be teaching (first year of undergrad). The idea is 
to propose weekly projects for the students. Does anyone have experience 
and insights into environments for administrating this workflow? I need

1. A project is published with a skeleton with functions to be filled with 
2. some test cases already visible for the students
3. 1-2 test cases are not visible for the students
4. the student submit the project with the changes in the code (filling the 
5. the system execute and give the feedback
6. some simple way to summarize the results per project

GitHub Classroom with Travis is an option. Jupiter Notebook using Racket 
kernel is another (assuming Jupiter universe has some support for 
assignments like https://cocosci.princeton.edu/papers/jupyter.pdf or 
https://www.jupitered.com/). Does anyone have something to share about it?

I would prefer open source solutions.


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