On 24 Jan 2020, at 14:00, Robby Findler <ro...@cs.northwestern.edu> wrote:
> In the preferences dialog, in the General tab, the last checkbox is
> the one you want.

The one for saving files upon switching tabs?

> But let me confirm: the reason it is painful to turn on the preference
> is that you have to choose a file?

Well, I hadn’t ever turned on the preference before, so I didn’t know whether 
it would necessitate choosing a file. But in answer to your question, no. See 

> Would it work well for you if it
> only wanted to save files that already had filenames?

AFAICT now that I’ve turned on that preference, this is the behavior it has. It 
doesn’t prompt me to save an untitled file. And this is the behavior I would 
want, if DrR is saving upon tab-switching.

It feels weird to me to have DrR save files when I switch tabs; I’m somewhat 
trained to use the “modified” state as a marker that I’m in the middle of 
something, and “is everything saved?” is a part of my “am I done?” mental 
checklist when I’m working on multiple unrelated things in different tabs. I’ll 
have to impose a different discipline on myself (which may be for the best).

For now, I’ll try living with the preference enabled for a while. I don’t 
foresee doing any complicated work this spring, so it’s no big deal right now.

Thanks for the reply.


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