((( If you're going to Berlin, DE, you're going to find some Racket 
programs there... )))

Join us on Thursday, February 27, 2020 at Spielfeld, a delightful coworking 
spot in Berlin, for the 2020 edition of Racketfest, the upstart Racket 
conference that could. Join a bunch of fellow Racket programmers for talks, 
tutorials, games & electronics, and a lightning round at the end. It'll be 
a Racket-packed day, guaranteed.

For more details, see the lineup at https://racketfest.com . We've got a 
fantastic array of Racket professionals on board.

Seats are limited! Only a handful of spots remain. Register at 
https://racketfest.com/register .

Adjacent events of interest:

* BOBKonf on Friday, February 28 (https://bobkonf.de/2020/en/) – discounted 
pricing available if you register for Racketfest!
* :clojureD on Saturday, February 29 (https://clojured.de)

See you there!

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