On 2/3/20 12:31 PM, Wilzoo wrote:
Hi guys, so I am working on rolling dice game in GUI, the game rules will be something like rolling 3 dices and then giving out points to 2 players based on the rolled values.

Im now stuck on the showing value in GUI. Basically what I need is to show rolled value somewhere in frame.

This is my rolling dice code:

(define (nrandom n)
     (if (= n 0 ) '() (cons (random 1 7) (nrandom (- n 1)))))

this is my callback function which i know is wrong:

(new button% [parent gamew]
              [label "roll dice"]
              [min-width 150]
              ; Callback procedure for a button click:
              [callback (lambda (b e) (send (nrandom 3) show #t))])

So by using this im getting my 3 values in IDE window. Where should I look for information how to get them in frame in some kind of box?

I just started my programming journey and racket documentation is not easy for me to get any information from there tbh. Just figuring out how to make frame and buttons + callback functions took me good few hours.

(Warning: I haven't tested this code.)

One thing you could do is add a new message% widget to the frame. For example, change your callback to the following:

  ;; button callback:
  (lambda (b e)
    ;; creating the widget has the side effect of adding it
    ;; to the parent container (gamew)
    (new message%
      (parent gamew)
      (label (format "Rolled a ~s" (nrandom 3))))

Adding a new widget to the game frame may change its size or layout. You can control layout with containers (see pane%, panel%, and their subclasses).

But message% widgets aren't very flexible in how they display text. Another thing you could do is add a single editor canvas and write all of the die-roll messages to its editor. That would look something like this:

  ;; one text% and editor-canvas% per game frame:
  (define t (new text%))
  (define ec (new editor-canvas% (parent gamew) (editor t)))

  ;; the button callback:
  ... (lambda (b e)
        (send t insert (format "Rolled a ~s\n" (nrandom 3)))

You can refine this version by disallowing user edits (see `lock`), reliably placing the insertion point at the end of the editor before writing, adding styles to the die roll result, etc. See the text% documentation.


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