I tried the following function to conver a String to an Integer.

#lang typed/racket
(: myconversion (-> String Integer))
(define (myconversion str)
  (string->number str))

The error given is :
Type Checker: type mismatch
  expected: Integer
  given: (U Complex False) in: (string->number str)

I guess this is because a number is not an Integer.

How to proceed?

I found the following code on internet , but this looks like a real 
overkill for this simple problem ,

(: numerical-char->integer (-> Char
                               Integer))(define (numerical-char->integer char)
  (let ([num (- (char->integer char) 48)]) ; 48 = (char->integer #\0)
     (or (< num 0) (> num 9))
     (raise 'non-numerical-char #t)
(: string->integer (-> String
                       Integer))(define (string->integer str)
  (let ([char-list (string->list str)])
    (if (null? char-list)
        (raise 'empty-string #t)
         (λ([x : Integer] [y : Integer])
           (+ (* y 10) x))
         (map numerical-char->integer char-list)))))

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