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>Okay, I’m probably under a rock and just haven’t read my e-mail in a
>week, but … I just noticed that re-running a long TR file of 900
>lines took ONE second, rather than eleven. It appears to me that
>either TR or DrRacket or both are now cooperating to not re-compile
>when no edits have been made. Is that a recent change, or am I just
>easily pleased?

Perhaps "easily surprised"?  Racket has long had the option to cache
compiled modules and use them if their source has not changed.  

You get this either by running "raco make ..." from the command line,
or, in DrRacket in the 'Choose Language' dialog by selecting the
option to 'Populate "compiled" directories (for faster loading)'.

Not recompiling all the time can be a big time saver.


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