So I have this file, found here:

Lines 51 through 55 say:

(define-type (Func<%> A)  (BaseFunc<%> A FuncAnyParam))(define-type BoolFunc<%> 
(Func<%> BooleanColumn))(define-type AnyFunc<%> (Func<%> ColIdent))

And this used to work on older versions of racket, say Racket BC 7.4

But on Racket CS 7.6, I get an error on this line: 
(define-type AnyFunc<%> (Func<%> ColIdent))

Even though (a) it doesn't throw an error on the line before it, and
(b) replacing it with (define-type AnyFunc<%> (BaseFunc<%> ColIdent 

I thought the way define-type works is that 
(Func<%> ColIdent)
would expand into (BaseFunc<%> ColIdent FuncAnyParam)

I've had similar problems with define-type previously where I'd think it would 
just expand
by substituting the parameter but it doesn't seem to really do that. I don't 
have any
trivial example to show, though. Fiddling around eventually gets it to work.

I'd really appreciate some help as to how to think about what define-type does 
in my head.

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