Syndicate is just a brilliant piece software.  Such a novel approach to the
Actor model and concurrency.

With past use I've pushed as much of the code into Typed Racket as possible
leaving only the Syndicate layer Untyped.  Over the past year I've noted
steady work towards #lang typed/syndicate support.

For a new project with Syndicate I'd like to jump up to typed/syndicate if
possible even if it is a little bit "early".  As expected it looks like
PLT's approach to typing dataspaces, tuples spaces, actors and messaging
looks novel and impressive.

Yesterday with a few tweaks here and there I have typed/syndicate compiling
and running 1 or 2 of the examples.  The tweaks that appear to be necessary
are to sync up typed/syndicate with the latest Turnstile.

Glancing at the example code I expect to use the extended language
capability offered via #lang typed/syndicate/roles. The project is an
opensource one of a personal nature and is fine with bug reports,
workarounds and hiccups assuming typed/syndicate work is still "active".


   1. Is #lang typed/syndicate/roles more or less ready for beta code use?
   2. Is it active and maintained?
   3. Can the Syndicate's git repo typed branch be sync'd up with the
   current Turnstile and Racket release?[1]

[1] I can help with small compilation issue patches if there is someone
currently active in typed/syndicate to receive them.

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