Pratyush Das <> writes:

> Is there a comprehensive list of differences between typed-plai and 
> typed/racket?

I'm guessing you mean plai-typed. This is a simple type-inferred
language designed for teaching.  Because the language is simpler, the
type inference is in some sense better; it requires less hints. On the
other hand it lacks some features of typed/racket, like occurrence
typing and union types. If you search for those terms you can find
write-ups by members of the Racket team (or check

plai-typed (and plait, discussed below) also miss some of the "batteries
included" features of racket, like a rich set of looping constructs,
formatted output, and so on. I find students who know racket chafe a bit
at the minimalism of plai-typed / plait.

> Did typed-plai grow into typed/racket?

No, plai-typed actually arose later along with the second edition of the
book PLAI (see

> Is there a way to use typed-plai in Racket 7.5? 

I would recommend looking at "plait", which is an actively maintained
successor to plai-typed, and works fine with Racket 7.5 (raco pkg
install plait).

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