I'm currently using Racket 7.6 (non-CS) on Windows, and it feels like `raco 
test` is much slower these days. Specifically I am seeing

`raco test tests.rkt` takes 10 seconds. This is fine the first time, but 
repeating the test immediately also takes 10 seconds. It never creates any 
"compiled" directories.

Meanwhile, if I open tests.rkt in DrRacket, the first run takes about 10 
seconds but then subsequent runs (without changes) take about 1 second. 
This creates a "compiled" directory, which I thought raco test would be 
able to use, but no luck -- raco test still takes 10 seconds.

I think this is a regression from 7.5, or else something strange is 
happening on my machine. I will try reverting to 7.5 soon to see if I can 
definitely determine the difference.

Does anyone know why this might be occurring?

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