Hi if I have a simple editor-canvas% with text% in it:
(define editor-canvas (new  editor-canvas% [parent frame]))
(define text (new text%))
(send editor-canvas set-editor text)

1. How do I make the standard right click menu with copy, paste, etc.?

I've seen this example of a custom popup menu:
But is there some shorthand for making the standard copy/paste popup?

2. I can add "Edit" and "Font" to the menu bar like this:
(define mb (new menu-bar% [parent frame]))
(define m-edit (new menu% [label "Edit"] [parent mb]))
(define m-font (new menu% [label "Font"] [parent mb]))
(append-editor-operation-menu-items m-edit #f)
(append-editor-font-menu-items m-font)

In Mac OS this isn't leading to the menu bar flashing blue when I use 
keyboard shortcuts like ⌘c. How can I fix this? I notice DrRacket itself 
has the same bug. This is important for discoverability.

3. How do I do a bulleted list? Should I be using this snip in the browser 

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