Here’s a question I have about both DrRacket and Emacs. It often happens in my 
workflow (grading files, for instance) that I want to set up a list of files, 
and then have an easy way to move forward or back in that list (“next file”, 
“previous file”). I see that emacs has a function called “next-file” which can 
move forward and back in a list of files apparently specified by a tags-table 
file; is that the easiest way to do something like this in emacs, or am I 
missing something obvious? In DrRacket, I’m guessing that there’s no existing 
functionality that would allow me to specify a list of files and move back and 
forth between them. I’m guessing I could implement something like this pretty 
easily … would this be a good job for Laurent Orseau’s Quickscript?

I would absolutely love to hear that I’ve missed something obvious!

Many thanks!


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