> Thank you for the package! So, do I understand correcty that it is
> impossible to produce multi-valued streams with for/stream? If so, maybe
> it's worth adding a note about it to the documentation of for/stream?

That is correct. Feel free to submit a PR to improve the documentation. You
will need to edit this file:

> Also, I notice in the manual of your package that you mention that
> generators are inefficient in the default implementation of
> Racket. Since I'm using generators too, I'm curious about the
> performance implications - where can I read more about it?

I don't think it's written anywhere explicitly, but you can take a look at
https://blog.racket-lang.org/2020/02/racket-on-chez-status.html in the
section "Run-Time Performance Redux", which compares the performance of
generators in Racket 3m vs Racket CS.

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