I'm working on organizing and documenting some things and I have some code, 
below, which works but I don't understand why.  Specifically, why don't I get 
an error about table3 not being defined?

This is a very simplified version of what I'm working on.  What I actually want 
to do is put all the code related to creating a standard table editing menu in 
a file which I can then include wherever I want that menu.  The full menu will 
be a lot of code.  Unfortunately I can't seem to get this to work without 
either getting an error that row-edit-menu is not defined or that table3 is not 
defined.  In other words, I want to be able to define table3 in one file which 
requires the file where row-edit-menu is defined but I can't seem to figure out 
how to get this to work.  It works just fine when all the code is in one file, 


#lang racket
(require racket/gui/base

;set up columns
(define (column1 data) (vector-ref data 0))
(define (column2 data) (vector-ref data 1))

(define my-columns 
   (qcolumn "Column1" column1 column1)
   (qcolumn "Column2"
            (lambda (row)
              ;(displayln row)
              ;(displayln (db-row-ref row "Column2" headers 1))
              (if (number? (column2 row)) (number->string (column2 row)) 
"");This allows a cell to be blank.
              ;(number->string (column2 row))

(define frame3 (new frame% 
                  [label "myTable 3"]
                  [width 800]
                  [height 600]

(define row-edit-menu (new popup-menu% ))

(define info-menu-item (new menu-item%
                              (label "info")
                              (parent row-edit-menu)
                              (callback (lambda (menu-item event)
                                          (message-box "Info"
                                                       (~a "You have selected " 
(length (send table3 get-selected-row-indexes)) " rows")

(define table3
       (new (class qresults-list% (init) (super-new)
  [parent frame3]
  [pref-tag 'preferences-tag]
  [selection-type 'multiple]
  [right-click-menu row-edit-menu])

(send table3 setup-column-defs my-columns)

(send frame3 show #t)

(send table3 add-row (vector "R1C1" 10))
(send table3 add-row (vector "R2C1" 11))
(send table3 add-row (vector "R3C1" 12))
(send table3 add-row (vector "R4C1" 13))

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