At Fri, 8 May 2020 09:34:32 +0200, Dominik Pantůček wrote:
> Apart from obvious strace (after freeze) and gdb (before/after freeze) 
> debugging to find possible sources of this bug, is there even a remote 
> possibility of getting any clue how can this happen based on the 
> information gathered so far? My thought go along the lines:
> * flonums are boxed - but for some operations they may be immediate
> * apparently it is a busy-wait loop in RTT, otherwise 100% CPU usage is 
> impossible with this workload
> * unsafe ops are always suspicious, but again, the problem shows up even 
> when I switch to the safe versions - it just takes longer time
> * which means, the most probable cause is a race condition

The most useful information here is likely to be a stack trace from
each OS-level thread at the point where the application is stuck.

That could potentially tell us, for example, that it's a problem with
synchronization for a GC (where one of the OS threads that run futures
doesn't cooperate for some reason) or a problem with a the main thread
performing some specific work on a future thread's behalf.

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