I get the message 

readspec.rkt:195:8: Type Checker: Expression should produce 3 values, but 
produces 1 values of types String in: (for/set : (Setof String) (((l : String) 
(cast (in-lines input-port) (Sequenceof String)))) (cast (string-trim l) 

from the following function:

(define (read-manpages [input-port : Input-Port])
  (cast (for/set : (Setof String) (([l : String] (cast (in-lines input-port) 
(Sequenceof String))))
           (cast (string-trim l) String))
    (Setof String)))

The expression it is complaining about is the (for/list ......) construction.

I'm trying to covert a Racket program to a typed Racket program.
As far as I can see, this function reads words, one to a line, from 
input-port and makes a set of these words.

It baffles me where the type checker gets the idea that 3 values are wanted 

I put in a lot of casts just to make sure I knew what types it had to work 

The original code, without types:

(define (read-manpages input-port)
  (for/set ((l (in-lines input-port)))
           (string-trim l)))

Any ideas?

-- hendrik

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