Hello fellow racketeers,

after pushing futures on x86 and x86_64 to their limits (and helping
fixing two bugs), I turned my focus on ARM. Apparently everything should
work with 32bit arm without any hurdles (I am going to test that later
today), however on aarch64 (64bit arm), there is no JIT and therefore no

A quick look at the implementation hints that being stuck with forked
GNU Lightning 1.2 is the major problem here. Apparently latest versions
of Lightning support aarch64.

I am willing to invest some time into porting that, but the question is
how much work is needed. Also - is it relevant for CS variant? (I would
guess not). And of course, how to do the actual porting - it seems to me
the Racket's port is more than just a few minor changes. Maybe porting
only the aarch64 part might be a reasonable way to go?

Any suggestions would be really appreciated.


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