Hi Norman,

On Saturday, May 16, 2020 at 9:16:18 PM UTC+2, Norman Gray wrote:
> But (a) what should I be doing? And (b) since that exception is caught 
> in this with-handlers clause, what is it that's producing the (default) 
> exception output message?  And (c) should I expect the client just to 
> hang here? 
> I'm guessing that an answer to (a) is 'avoid throwing exceptions inside 
> 'output', but given that that will sometimes happen, is the 
> output-response-body/chunked procedure doing the right thing here?  Am I 
> missing something? 

I suggest thinking of a servlet as a response builder, and, if possible, to 
delegate serialization of the response (output-response & friends) till 
after a response? value has been created. You can happily throw exceptions 
during the construction of the response? value; the exceptions will be 
handled by whatever scaffolding you're using for your web server (that is, 
directly handled using with-handlers of your own making that wraps the 
construction of the response?, or by the handler you gave as the value of 
#:servlet-responder in `serve/servlet`, and so on). Does that help?


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