Short version: Try adding a "sys.stdout.flush()" after each of your print 
statements in your python script.

Longer version: when you run that program in a terminal, the output is a 
TTY and the standard output is flushed after every line.  When you run it 
as a subprocess, the standard output is a pipe and it is buffered.

This is not Racket specific, you would get the same problem if you ran 
"os.system("")" in another python program.


On Wednesday, May 20, 2020 at 4:15:02 PM UTC+8, Rock Nie wrote:
> This only happens in DrRacket.
> On Wednesday, May 20, 2020 at 1:16:44 PM UTC+8, Rock Nie wrote:
>> I am running the system procedure in drracket's interactive window
>> (system "")
>> where is
>> #!/home/utils/Python-3.8.0/bin/python3
>> import os
>> print("Running cmd: date1")
>> print("Running cmd: date2")
>> os.system("date")
>> print("Running cmd: date3")
>> os.system("date")
>> and the output is
>> Tue May 19 22:14:19 PDT 2020
>> Tue May 19 22:14:19 PDT 2020
>> Running cmd: date1
>> Running cmd: date2
>> Running cmd: date3
>> #t
>> which is different from my expectation, can anyone help explain why?

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