searching through a bunch of different packages I noticed that the 
code/download links are quite inconsistent.

For some packages there is a download button clicking that button does 
nothing (in firefox) because it contains a git:// protocol url, here is an 
example package:

But in the bottom table there is the row "Version exceptions" that uses the 
git protocol in the link text but a https protocol in the actual link.

What is the reason that the download button at the top uses the git 
I would have expected https.

Why is it a download button? 
It could be a source button with the https address from the bottom.

I know that within the package preferences/edit-form it is possible to 
choose between simple url and git repository.
I suspect that the differences in the buttons that are shown for that 
package result from these different modes.

I think that it would be more user friendly to show the code button (with 
https address to github/gitlab/etc) for as many packages as possible,
this way you can easily get to the git repository of most packages. 
It is frustrating when packages that have a github repo are linked to with 
the git protocol, resulting in a download button that does nothing.

There are packages which aren't git repositories and for those it makes 
sense that there is only a download button, but no source button.

If the download button with git protocol is useful for some people (because 
they have taught their browser to open a git viewer application or 
something like that),
then it would make sense to have both buttons.

When I am on the documentation page and I click the package link I get to 
the package detail page, 
for many packages I can then click a second time on the code or download 
button and get to a website where I can explore the code without needing to 
download it.
When this works, it is excellent.
When it does not, it is frustrating.


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