I'm now leading engineering at a startup with an established Python & Flask infrastructure, and happen to urgently need an additional dynamic Web&database service backend that's separate from the rest of our infrastructure...  While I could do it in Flask, I was thinking that this might also be an opportunity for a Scheme (Racket) pilot project for the company,[1] looking ahead to tech stack selection for some much larger infrastructure expected next year (if the startup survives the virus).

The problem with this as a pilot project is that this server will see only very light duty, and therefore not good for evaluating real world viability for the expected future high-traffic needs.

So I was wondering whether anyone (other than HN, and the bespoke framework stuff I worked on atop the `scgi` package) is currently using Racket for dynamic HTTP/S backend in a *high traffic* setup? And if you are handling high traffic, what kinds of performance are you seeing (e.g., request volume, simultaneous requests, latency, GC characteristics), and how have you built it (e.g., which HTTP libraries, what kind of server infrastructure)?

[1] A similar urgent new server in Racket has happened before. https://lists.racket-lang.org/users/archive/2009-October/036244.html

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