Oh my gosh, I almost forgot about Unicode tricks! (I wish I knew more about 
Unicode). Here is a macron: ā. And it seems there's a lot more you can do: 

These will work just fine inside a Racket source file.

On Tuesday, June 16, 2020 at 7:41:08 AM UTC-5, jos.koot wrote:

> Hi,
> Using scribble when writing a text containing Boolean expressions it would 
> be nice to write ‘not(A+B)’ as ‘A+B’ with a bar above it. An expression 
> like not(not(A)+not(B)) would need bars above the A and the B as well above 
> the whole. Is this possible? I have found no solution in the scribble docs. 
> I have looked into some HTML tutorials too, but did not find what I want. I 
> am an ignorant with respect to HTML. And even when I would know how to do 
> it in HTML, I also would need to know how to transfer the tool to scribble.
> Thanks, Jos

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