I recently went through the process of embedding the Racket.framework in
Xcode, and i just wanted to share the steps in case anyone else would like
to do this.

Note the documentation says (

"On Mac OS, besides "libracketcs.a" for static linking, a dynamic library
is provided by the "Racket" framework, which is typically installed in "lib"
sub-directory of the installation. Supply -framework Racket to gcc when
linking, along with -F and a path to the "lib" directory. At run time,
either "Racket.framework" must be moved to a location in the standard
framework search path, or your embedding executable must provide a specific
path to the framework (possibly an executable-relative path using the
Mach-O @executable_path prefix)."

That sets the rpath search paths but the library binary still needs to
reference @rpath to make use of these search paths. Below we use
install_name_tool to fix up the binary to reference the @rpath directly.

Note also that Xcode is hard coded to codesign in the Versions/A
subdirectory and hasn't added any support for signing other major versions,
so i link version A in the below steps. This step is only necessary if you
wish to sign the framework on copy.

Note also for a proper framework structure, the framework should have an
Info.plist in Resources and a Versions/Current symlink. Top-level symlinks
directly in Racket.framework should reference only Versions/Current and
both Resources and the binary library (Racket) should be referenced. (see

Note also i did all of this with racket cs, you would have to modify the
steps if you were using normal racket.

All that said, here are the steps:

Drag the framework into xcode
select copy if needed, ok
Click on project, General tab, "Frameworks, Libraries, and Embeddeed
Change do not embed to either embed or embed and sign
cd to your copied framework in your project
cd Versions
ln -s 7.7_CS Current
if "embed and sign" was chosen:
  ln -s 7.7_CS A (xcode is hard coded to sign the major version A, see
cp /path/to/Info.plist 7.7_CS/Resources
cd ..
rm -f Racket
ln -s Versions/Current/Racket
ln -s Versions/Current/Resources
install_name_tool -id @rpath/Racket.framework/Versions/7.7_CS/Racket
otool -L Racket (to verify)
Switch to Xcode, build and run


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