On Thu, Jun 25, 2020 at 5:34 AM Alex Harsanyi <alexharsa...@gmail.com>

> I understand that the core Racket team is busy, but they are the only ones
> who can clarify the criteria for merging a pull request and also only they
> can review and merge them --

You made me think of the style guide, but when I looked it has a section on
contributing PR's that I hadn't seen, read or remembered:

This will be after i fix MY bad PR !

> *Didn't you compile and run the script before submitting? It should tell
> you there's an error.When you make a PR (for any Racket project), always do
> the following:*
>    - raco pkg setup [package]
>    - raco test [package]
I was caught out! I made a last minute change without testing.

Maybe we could look a expanding
a) reference the style guide:
b) provide a little more detail

As for  https://github.com/racket/plot/pull/5 - I'll commit to having a go
at reviewing it tomorrow AFTER *I fix my bad PR*.

Kind regards
(On the laptop in the garden because it is 10:50pm and it is too hot in


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