There are some well-known vulnerabilities that are a result of 
deserializing untrusted inputs. Are editor snips restrictive enough that 
their deserialization is safe? After all, they are already loaded when a 
file is opened in DrRacket, and a file on the disk may originate from an 
untrusted source. In particular, I would be doing something like this 
(snip-class-name, bytes, and snip-pos are from an untrusted source). The 
whole thing will be wrapped in an exception handler:

        (define snip-class (send (get-the-snip-class-list) find 
snip-class-name)) ; Also handle case where this returns #f
        (define bytes-base-in (make-object editor-stream-in-bytes-base% 
        (define editor-stream-in (make-object editor-stream-in% 
        (define new-snip (send snip-class read editor-stream-in))
        (send text insert new-snip snip-pos)


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