On Aug 19, 2020, at 8:53 PM, George Neuner wrote:

> Sorry, it was not clear to me that you wanted to resize widgets (child 
> windows).  Typically when one speaks about a window's "content" they are 
> referring to text or imagery drawn onto the window's backing bitmap.

I was going by Macintosh terminology where there are two different kinds of 
zoom.  A window zoom is activated, currently, by double clicking on the top bar 
of a window.  Previously, it was the green button on the window bar but that 
now activates full screen mode.  It toggles between the last custom dragged 
size of the window and a size of its contents.  Unfortunately, this has never 
worked as well in Mac OS X and macOS as well as it did in Classic Mac OS which 
might be part of the reason they switched the green button to full screen mode. 
 The zoom I want is the one activated by the zoom menu item (or command - / 
command =).  This resizes contents of the window, including text and imagery as 
well as widgets.  I would really like to have the full functionality but, for 
now, just resizing widgets would be a major improvement.  

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