Robby Findler <> writes:

> Imagine that DrRacket had a way that you could write special to the
> current-output port (or, more precisely, to a port that was connected to
> the interactions window) and that port would specially recognize that thing
> you wrote such that it would come out as a checkmark but clicking on it
> would set the insertion point and add highlighting (as you've done). If I
> understand the demo correctly, then you could do what you've done here by
> changing #%module-begin to change how printing the values of top-level
> expressions worked such that it did a write-special of that new kind of
> value and then just did what printing usually does.

Robby's hinting at the fact that we're working on such a thing - i.e. a
tiny combinator DSL for "markup" that includes the ability to make
clickable links into source code.

I hope it matches what Sorawee has in mind.  If so, that would be an
indication we're moving in the right direction.

Technical question for Robby: How should we represent the icon?
Just a bitmap% object?


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