Hi Racketer

I'm trying to load a log file which size is 600MB, then I found the program 
exhausted 3 GB resident memory just for load all the content of it via 
(port->lines...). I do have enough RAM but it looks like some thing went 
wrong here, and I do need to load them all into RAM for my use case so 
(read-line ...) doesn't help me.

Any comment would be preciated.

Here is may programe:

#lang racket

; Load input as list of lines
(define (input-load-lines file-name)
  (if (file-exists? file-name)
      (let* ([input (open-input-file file-name)]
             [lines (port->lines input)])
        (close-input-port input)

; Racket 7.8, compile from source code, (none cs mode)
; 100M of log requires 0.5G runtime memory
; 300M of log requires 1.5G runtime memory
; 600M of log requires 3.0G runtime memory
; Reference
;   racket/collects/racket/port.rkt :106
;   racket/collects/racket/private/portlines.rkt :11

(define input (input-load-lines "main.log"))

; 214M(VIRT)/101M(RSS) without open any file
(let loop()
  (sleep 5) ; Waiting here so that I can check it via top/ps
  (set! input empty) ; event not help with this line


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