Realm of Racket is slightly old (2013), but very useful for a beginner. 
Realm of Racket [Book] ( 

On Tuesday, July 13, 2021 at 9:13:38 AM UTC-5 wrote:

> Hello,
> Im am looking at learning a programming language, and have been 
> bouncing around with scheme/racket/dyalog APL/squeak. upon investigation of 
> scheme and racket, i found that in regards to racket, there really isn't a 
> "Beginners book" that teaches the language. The only beginner book i could 
> really see being close to teaching the language is HtDP, but that doesn't 
> *technically* teach racket, but BSL. For scheme, im able to find beginner 
> books, unless im not looking deep enough. Maybe if you fine folk don't mind 
> pointing me in the right direction? Please excuse my ignorance.
> -- Joseph T

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