I have a program that runs well with version 7.2, but does not run starting from version 8.0.

I can make the program running on 8.3 by eliminating small parts of the code.




I have a meta-recursive interpreter that uses structs with prop:custom-write.

It has a trace option showing subexpressions being evaluated and their values.

When the interpreter interprets its own source code with tracing enabled,

the printer given to prop:custom-write must be disabled, of course,

for otherwise an infinite loop occurs (the body of the printer being traced too,

causing the tracer to trace itself)

Therefore I use a parameter that disables tracing within a prop:custom-write printer.

This works fine in 7.2.

However, in 8.3 it does not work. DrRacket closes entirely within a second.

When I change tracing such as to not print values, 8.3 works fine.


Have things been changed with parameters that may cause my problem?

I have seen a name argument has been added to make-parameter,

but that can’t be the problem I think.


If you need more info, I can try to prepare a minimal code that produces the problem,

but this requires some work and probably is not easy.

May be, the brief info in this email is enough for someone to direct me to an answer.


Thanks, Jos



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