Currently, the implementation of as well
as (see Notes) is primarily
maintained by Matthew Flatt, although much of it was originally
written by Jay McCarthy and Tony Garnock-Jones (for pkgs in
particular). Matthew of course wears a lot of hats and maintains lots
of things, and he's tired of this job.

As a result, I'm going to take over the sysadmin role, but I'm looking
for additional people who can help out as well -- this is a key part
of Racket infrastructure and one person is probably not enough. Anyone
with experience with system admin, web servers, the Racket web server,
AWS, Docker, etc would be great, or but expertise is _not_ required,
just a willingness to help out.

Of course, there are many ways to improve the system as well, and
helping to maintain it is a great way to get started on that.

If you're willing to volunteer some time to help with this, let me
know, either here or by messaging me (@samth) on Discord or Slack.


### Notes:

The implementation of is a front-end here: and a backend here: They both run on the same EC2
instance, and store almost all of the state (including the index of
packages) in S3.

The implementation of is a separate
continously-running EC2 instance running the `pkg-build` package,
implemented here:

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