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We are looking for motivated students and researchers to be members of the
PLDI 2022 Artifact Evaluation Committee (AEC).  This year, we are accepting
(self-)nominations for the AEC.  The artifact evaluation process aims to
promote, share and catalog the research artifacts of papers accepted to the
PLDI research track.

The self-nomination form is available at:

You can also nominate other people (e.g., students, colleagues) at:

The instructions for committee members are available here:

As a committee member, your primary responsibilities would be to review the
artifacts submitted corresponding to the already accepted papers in the
main research track. In particular, you may have to run the associated
tool, check whether the results in the main paper can be reproduced, and
inspect the data.

PLDI will use a three-phase artifact evaluation review process. We expect
the bulk of the review work to take place between March 8 and March 25.
Each artifact will take about 8h to review, and reviewers will be assigned
3 to 4 reviews.

Come join us in improving the quality of research in our field!

AEC Chairs:
- Xinyu Wang, IMDEA Software Institute (Spain)
- Niki Vazou, University of Michigan (U.S.)

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