**Creative Racket Competition 2022**

 January 1, 2022 → February 28, 2022

***Get creative with Racket this winter! Win stickers!***

Entries can be... pictures, animations, interactive, sound or music or
something else? ...are all acceptable.

* You can enter as many times as you like
* Entries need to be runnable by other racketeers.
* Your entry must be created with Racket or a Racket language including
RacketScript. (even your own)

for some suggestions but you can use anything you like.

It is easy to enter:

  (If you can't use github let us know)

Discussion on Racket Discourse
https://racket.discourse.group/tag/creative-racket , Discord
https://discord.gg/6Zq8sH5 or Slack https://racket-slack.herokuapp.com/

Jens Axel & Stephen



Winners will receive an exclusive badge on their GitHub profile and laptop

There will be a range of categories to reflect the diversity of entries.

Special categories will include

* Racket mascot - winner will be chosen by peoples choice vote.
* Racket meme

Note: Not an official Racket competition. We not a members of the Racket
team, nor are we doing this on their behalf.

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