I would recommend following the free course on edx: "how to code simple 
data" https://learning.edx.org/course/course-v1:UBCx+HtC1x+2T2017/home  , 
as it takes many things from the book and presents them in a more 
digestible and interactive manner.
On Wednesday, December 15, 2021 at 5:31:47 AM UTC-8 acate...@gmail.com 

> Its one of my goals in 2022 to teach myself programming. To kick this goal 
> off early, I have decided to pick up HTDP 2e from Amazon.  After a cursory 
> glance through the book and working through a few problems. I notice that 
> there are no provided solution/ answer to the exercises in the book.  Which 
> means that there is no way to check my solutions against  the proper 
> recommended way to solve the exercises.  As a result, I have no idea if I 
> am actual on the right track in this learning process.  Where can I find 
> the solutions to the exercises in HTDP?  If there are no solutions what 
> book would you recommend that would be suited for a self-learner?  
> Thanks

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