i adapted a #lang and REPL for SRFI 105:
a simple example can be found here:
The two files must be in the same directory.
any files using curly infix notation must begin with:
#lang reader "SRFI-105.rkt"

example at REPL:
Welcome to DrRacket, version 8.2 [cs].
Language: reader "SRFI-105.rkt", with debugging; memory limit: 128 MB. 
> (define a 2)
> (define b -3) 
> (define c 5) 
> {{b expt 2} - {4 * a * c}} -31 

Any advice about other enhancements or other way to implement a REPL or 
language for SRFI 105 "curly infix" with Racket are welcome.



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