On 2021-12-30 21:33, 'Wayne Harris' via Racket Users wrote:
I'm considering writing a manager for background processes --- such as send a 
batch of e-mail or other process that takes a while to finish --- for a web 

I see the challenge here as just writing something that will look like a
very basic UNIX shell --- so I'll call it ``web-api-shell'' from now on.
(``Web'' because it will be used by a web system through some HTTP API.)

This thing has to be flawless. I'm looking for design principles and advice.

Have you looked at existing task queues and message brokers?
I guess they can already give you a part of the robustness
you're looking for. It would be a pity to reinvent the wheel,
especially since it will probably be quite difficult and
time-consuming to implement this robustness yourself.

But it might as well be that I misunderstand your requirements.


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