Kuang-Chen Lu <kuang-chen...@brown.edu> writes:

> Hi,
> My colleague can’t open a fresh installation of DrRacket. She installed the 
> DrRacket 8.5
> Apple Silicon 64-bit version.
> Her screen recording shows more details:
> * After trying to open DrRacket (00:00 of the video), no window shows up
> * Besides, DrRacket cannot be found in the Activity Monitor (00:08), which 
> confirms
>  that DrRacket is not running.
> * After trying to open DrRacket again (00:15), still, no window shows up
> * If you look at the Dock (the sequence of App icons at the bottom of the 
> screen)
>  carefully, you will notice that something shows up and then disappears 
> immediately
>  every time (00:02 and 00:16) DrRacket is opened. This suggests that DrRacket 
> is
>  closed immediately after being opened.

This is a known problem see Github issue 


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