Dominic wrote:
> I think you used to have to change a couple of files.
> In vendor/page_attachments/app/models/page_attachment.rb you can add
> more thumbnail sizes:
> :thumbnails => {:icon => '50x50>', :small => '160x160>', :medium =>
> '320x320>', :large => '640x640>'},
> and also change the admin view to find the right icon thumbnail:
> <%= link_to image_tag(attachment.thumbnails.find(:first, :conditions
> => "thumbnail = 'icon'").public_filename, :class => "thumbnail") %>

Just had a chance to try this. It works brilliantly! In the page admin, 
I can simply drag the link from "Attachments" section and add the size I 
want to the end of the file name. Ex:

Since I use Textile, I then add the image tag (!) and float it right 
like so:


Thanks for your help, Dominic!

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