This is probably more of a ruby question than radiant but here goes...

I have two controllers in my extension that I'd love to inherit access rules (only_allow_access_to) since they share the same rules.
Basically, I'd like to put:
 only_allow_access_to :index, :new, :edit, :remove,
   :when => [:developer, :admin],
   :denied_url => { :controller => 'page', :action => 'index' },
:denied_message => 'You must have developer or admin privileges to perform this action.'

in my parent controller class and have the two child classes inherit it. The only_allow_access_to method is added as a part of radiant's lib/login_system.rb and the method call in the parent doesn't seem to inherit. Any clever way to do this?

This isn't a major show stopper as I can just stick the rules into the two child classes -- but finding a way to make this work has become sort of a mission at this point :-)

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