Thanks for all the great work going on in the Radiant community.

I'm upgrading one of my extensions to be compatible with 0.6.7, and I am migrating it to use the shards feature at the same time. While the release of 0.6.7 indicates that shards "has been folded into the core", I can't get it work right. I can see that the "render_region" calls are present in the views, but when I try to plugin my own partials in the extension activation, I get an error:

  def activate
    page.index.add :node, 'file_based_layout_column'

/Users/casper/Projects/Work/radiant-0.6.7/vendor/extensions/ file_based_layout/file_based_layout_extension.rb:16:in `activate': undefined local variable or method `page' for #<FileBasedLayoutExtension:0x24c334c> (NameError) from /Users/casper/Projects/Work/radiant-0.6.7/lib/radiant/ extension.rb:34:in `activate'

Does this mean I still have to add the shards extension and put it first in my extension load order? Or have I misunderstood how to use tie in my own stuff in Radaint using shards? Does anyone have a link to an up-to-date tutorial on shards?

Casper Fabricius
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