On 19/05/2008, at 17.29, Sean Cribbs wrote:
It's generally not a good idea to install extensions until you have bootstrapped your database.

Usually I would agree with you on this, but in this case I've set it all up locally in my development environment. Now I want to put the site online. It's in Subversion and I'm deploying with Capistrano to the production server. Because I've been using it locally to set everything up, all the extensions and plugins are already in the Subversion repository. So uninstalling the extensions just to get it up and running sounds like the wrong way to solve this.

If multiple developers are working on the same project, new developers should be able to join - also after extensions have been installed and comitted to the source repository.

That said, maybe the Gallery extension could avoid loading that model until it's absolutely needed?

Yes that is one solution. But what about building a safety valve into Radiant it self: Do not load any extensions unless the database have been bootstrapped?

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